104-a-Mas’alah: (Part-1) TAQDEER ka SAHEH Mas’alah aur INSAN ki Paidaish ka MAQSAD kia hai ?

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  1. Assalam o Alakum

    I am writing to you from UK. I will be grateful if you could help us to resolve a problem:

    A number of people are doing massah on socks which are manufactured from cotton, wool and nylon. Wudu areas are generally quite wet and praying areas are fully carpeted. People use the Wudu area to perform wudu with these socks, so the bottom of the socks are quite wet while they perform massah on the socks-

    Is massah on these wet sock acceptable ?

    Second problem which we are facing is that when people with these wet socks walk on the carpet in the praying area. The smell from these socks is transferred to the carpet which makes carpet smelly and this has started to create arguments in the mosque. Now some mosque committees are forcing people to take the socks off before entering the Wudu/Toilet arae.

    On the other hand there is a strong group who totally opposes massah on these socks and refuse to prayer with Iamam who doing massah on the sock. According to this group massah can only be performed on Leather socks or socks with a leather base.

    Can you please educate us on this issue.

    Jazak Allah Khaire


  2. السلام عليكم
    can you please post the list of 48 ayaat here?