106-Mas’alah: BOYS & GIRLS ki DATES peh MULAQATAIN aur PARDAH-o-HAYAA kay SAHEH Ahkam-o-Masa’il

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  1. Mohtram Ali Bhai, One day i was searching the solution of Rafa-i-yadain on the net, when I happen to come across your video, i downloaded and watched. Alhamdolillah, that was a comprehensive answer to the problem of Rafa-ul-yadain. Then I searched on all of your videos uploaded on Youtube, and i was astonished to see the clear and firm tone you’ve used for all the disputed masail. Allah Tala apko aur zor-e-bayan ata karay. this, indeed, is a commendable job you are doing.i want to ask many questions which are thirsty for years. May i have your contact no to call you.

    • Jazakallah bhai, Jo ALLAH ki rah main koshish karta hai ALLAH un k liye apni rahen khol deta hai.
      Ap k jitny bhi sawalat hen wo please ap ali bhai ko likh kar email par kijiye, kun k humny Mas’alah 110 record kerna hai jo k based hi hai Question & Answer par, ap k sawalat os main bhi shamil kiye jayn gay taky baki logon ko bhi faida ho. Ali bhai ka email hai mirza_95@yahoo.com

    • Naveed bhai, ali bhai ne ap ko ye dakhny k liye bola hai, watch this lecture:
      80-Mas’alah: Sheikh ZUBAIR Ali Zai r.a, Aik ” HAQ-GO ” ALIM-e-DEEN (With Original VIDEO Clips)

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