112-a-Mas’alah: TELAWAT-e-QUR’AN aur Saheh HAFIZ-e-QUR’AN kay Saheh FAZA’IL (From QUR’AN-o-SUNNAT)

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  1. Ali Bhai is qari ka name btaen ge jis ko ap copy kar rahe hain tilawat k lye

  2. Assalam O Alaikum
    the Slide “Attention” is very fast. I t should stay for 2 second so that one can read it. or it may keep moving in rotation at slow speed.
    May Allah bless you by all means for your efforts to correct the wrong practices of Muslims. I have corrected many of my concepts and practices.
    Normally you speak in a balanced manner but some time you become aggressive and blunt. Such as you said ” Hun amb lain aaya ain” for show baz Molvies.
    Jazak Allah o Khaira