116-c-Mas’alah : Kia Hazrat-e-MOAVIAH r.a Katib-e-WAHI thay ? Hifazat-e-QUR’AN & Faza’il-e-MOAVIAH

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  1. How come you say that a “A sahabi can’t do crime” really? Did you ever read Surah Toba 100,101,102?

    We have authentic sources of Hadith that is back bone of Quran, Quran itself pushes us to Hadith for more details, this authentic scripture describes all the events. No one is barking on any Sahabi but describing where things went wrong. None of the Sahabi was licensed to do wrong things instead they are more responsible n if they did anything wrong against the Prophetic n Allah’s ruling he is more culprit. Deen e Muhammad SAW is supreme all the times.

    The concept of holy cows emerged with the monarchy which still exists in our era. The basic theme of Islam stands against these monarchs.