124-g-Mas’alah (Part-7) : Kia SEHABAH-e-KIRAM r.a kay IKHTELAFAT peh GUFTAGO kerna RAFZIAT hai ?

NOTE : Ba’az ULMA ki janib say SEHABA-e-KIRAM r.a kay IKHTELAFAT (MUSHAJRAT) kay hawalay say chund JAZBATI-ETRAZAT kay ILMI-JAWABAT kay liay Engr. Muhammad Ali Mirza kay OLD Lectures : 101-Mas’alah, 102-Mas’alah, 124-c-Mas’alah aur 124-d-Mas’alah say 05-VIDEO CLIPS per mushtamil Total 75-min ki yeh VIDEO 124-g-Mas’alah kay unwan say upload ki ja rahi hai takeh yeh ISSUE Hamisha kay liay CLOSE ho jay.

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  1. Dear Ali
    I am glad at the excellent work you are carrying out. May ALLAH SWT increase your knowledge and grant you wisdom.
    Just for information, Maulana Ishaq (ahl e hadis alim) from Faisalabad has done a lot of work to denounce Nasibiat and rad-e-yazeed. His lectures are available on youtube.
    In fact I often wondered who would carry on his mission, after his death and differentiate khilafat e islamia from malookiat and I felt satisfied that ALLAH SWT has made provisions.

    Yours Sincerely