131-a-Mas’alah : (Part-1) MOJIZAT aur KRAMAT ki HAQEEQAT-o-AHMIYYAT (QUR’AN aur Saheh AHADITH say)

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  1. Aslaamu Alikum warahmatullahai wabarakatahu. A request to update lectures on media fire website aswell. It’s easy to download from there as am unable to download from this website to my phone. JzkAllahu khair.

    • walaikum assalam,
      it is not possible for me to upload on different websites, brother if you can upload on that website, please share the link with us.
      there will be an app for android mobiles, you will be able to download lectures in 3gp and mp3, soon it will be available, but still it is not impossible to download from here as well.

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