131-d-Mas’alah : ALLAH kay WALION r.a ki 10-Sachi KRAMAAT (From QUR’AN & Saheh BUKHARI-o-MUSLIM )

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  1. shaikh Mohammed Aqeel

    JazakAllah…please make a detail lectures on a book of Hassaul Harmain , Ahmed raza and Al muhannad Al Mukhannas by khalil ahmed saharanpuri,,,also include about imam Al asharry and Maturidi for deobandi Aqaed Imam. We need to open the truth closed in the above mentioned books.
    I hope my request will be considered in the comming lectures.
    S M Aqeel,
    Salalah, Sultanate of Oman
    00968 92290538

  2. Brelwiyat o deobadiyat jahalat ke intaha ko pohch chkay hain fraud bazurgon ke hathon.