136-Mas’alah : Hazrat MOSA a.s & Hazrat KHIZER a.s ka WAQIA Vs SOFIA ki GUMRAHI aur BATIL AQA’ID

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  1. Video download not possible

  2. You are requested to focus on style of delivery , do not be casual and mix loose Punjabi while explaining quraan, this is the most serious thing you are doing, it looses essence while you work very hard for all this, good sence of humor is essential but it wasn’t good at all. Allah aiu Rasool ka ilm parhaney waley naujwan banoo, ye bauhat maqbool baat hai Allah k nazdeek, lekin ye bhee khtra hai k log key dei, who hadees k din londo k haat a gaya, a sincere advise please do not mind