153-Mas’alah : AQAL (Intellect) ka Aala DILL (Heart) hai ya DIMAG (Brain) ??? QUR’AN Vs SCIENCE !!!

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  1. Alhamdolilah apke bayanat bahut hi nasihat amej aur Islamic malumat se bher poor hain.jo ki haque hai.

  2. With regards to your lecture regarding heart and brain, pls note that there has been frequent mention of aqal in Quran which directly means brain and not heart.  It says kia tum aqal se kaam nahi lete ?  Clearly saying why don’t you use your brain !


  3. Dear Mirza sahab.

    We have to wait few years or Decade more. Science may establish the Relation between Hear & Mind.
    Insha Allah

    From Hyderabad. ( INDIA )

  4. Heart & Mind Relationship. Insha Allah in future Science may discover.
    We have to wait few more years or Decade.

    From Hyderabad. (INDIA)

  5. Plz Ali Bhai ka zaati email address bataye koi