155-Mas’alah : Musht Zani (Hand Practice), SEX & NIKAH, Anal SEX, Oral SEX Issues & Family Planning

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  1. Ali bhai 2016 me shaadi kr na to bht mushkil ho gaya he or continue roze rakhna bhi asaan nhi he …….

  2. Very unfortunate to listening about denial of prohibition of oral sex in islam
    Have you seen any report of oral sex in period of sahabai kram r.a.a.
    It’s unnatural way and can not be justified just due to no hadees prohibited it
    I have been listening you for long time but your logic on this and your views on hajj pilgrims number limit I disagree

  3. Once I was very concerned about oral sex, but then I heard that it is cruelty to use something which is not meant to use for that purpose (this may be a Hadees (ALLAH knows best)). So if thats the case then penis is meant to use only in vagina (wife’s) only.

    ALLAH is all knowning.

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