155-Mas’alah : Musht Zani (Hand Practice), SEX & NIKAH, Anal SEX, Oral SEX Issues & Family Planning

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  1. Ali bhai 2016 me shaadi kr na to bht mushkil ho gaya he or continue roze rakhna bhi asaan nhi he …….

  2. Very unfortunate to listening about denial of prohibition of oral sex in islam
    Have you seen any report of oral sex in period of sahabai kram r.a.a.
    It’s unnatural way and can not be justified just due to no hadees prohibited it
    I have been listening you for long time but your logic on this and your views on hajj pilgrims number limit I disagree

  3. Once I was very concerned about oral sex, but then I heard that it is cruelty to use something which is not meant to use for that purpose (this may be a Hadees (ALLAH knows best)). So if thats the case then penis is meant to use only in vagina (wife’s) only.

    ALLAH is all knowning.

  4. Asslam Alaikum
    I salute Ali sahab for the clarification of oral sex. I am amazed at the responses from people who are against oral sex and want to imply their liking on everyone. As I understand, this issue is more likely a personal choice as long as it has to be mutual agreement between both spouses.

    I have known many couples who practice safe oral sex and enjoyed mutual intimacy through it.
    As there is no clear or not at all mention in either Quran and Hadees regarding oral sex, it is obvious that it depends on personal liking only if it is done between husband and wife.

    Whoever is concerned about it’s medical consequences, he or she must know that this practice has been long going since hundred of years and there is absolutely no medical findings that it cause any major problem.

    Mr. Farhan Aftab wrote something regarding white people which is fairly right as it is a common practice in not only white community but blacks, Hispanic, Arabs etc too.

    There is no surprise that we Pakistani males are the most deprived ones in the whole world just because of our narrow thinking.


    • Walaikum assalam,
      i asked one of my friend, who lives in Philippine (a country where sex is a normal thing to do), my friend is medical student and he said there is no disease caused by oral sex discovered yet.
      Well i am not a student so, i do not know much about it.

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