162-Lecture: Surah-e-YUSUF Ayat No. 43 to 68 (14-Feb-2015)

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  1. Asslamualaikum sir mohd ali bhai ye video download nahi ho rahi i phone me

    • walaikum aslam, bhai video ka download link nahi lagaya abi, sorry, yar main jitna jaldi ho saky ye kaam karon ga In-sha-ALLAH, kun k bohat demand hai downloading ki.

  2. muhammad suleman

    aslamo alikum sir unable to watch video and receiving msg this video cannot be viewed on this domain

    • walaikum assalam,
      it happens sometimes, please reload or try again later…
      We shall upload lecture on dailymotion for better performance soon.

  3. yeh mas’alah 109 hai, lecture 162 nahi hai