176-Lecture : Surah-e-HIJER Ayat No. 10 to 50 (23-May-2015)

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One comment


    With due respect, It is not necessary to share my feeling after watched your above lecture. But as a token of gesture, kindly allow my feedback for your further advice.

    The First part of your lecture got the full of attention with the praise of Almighty Allah, our believe in Allah, strong more and more while you describe the Universal and Human Anatomy, which control by our Allah rabbul alameen. I salute your knowledge which you acquired in science and Islam as well your memory power.

    The remaining part, which you start from Dr. Israr Ahmed video clip in order to rectify his mistake. Since the mistake of Dr. Israr Ahmed and later your correction and in upcoming days some one stand (with that declaration “I did not the member of Dr. Israr Ahmed and Engr. Muhammed Ali Mirza) and start finding yours mistake and this cycle is going on and on, Is it health sign for our Islam?

    I mean any single personality can establish the Islam in the Country? Or ourself break from the existing right Jamaat and reform a new Jamaat, Is it real service of the Islam?

    I never ever against the critics, but in the Islam it should be in very positive manner in order to build and strong the ISLAM and be a part of the service providing Jamaat. We already have bad example of criticism in shape of “Sunni and Shia” instead of one Ummah as Muslim in the Islam.

    Almighty Allah gives you long and prosperous life all the time. Ameen.

    Thanks and best regards

    Your brother in Islam
    Anwar Masih Uddin