229-Lecture : Surah-e-HAJJ Ayat No. 42 to 70 (27-Aug-2016)

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  1. Jazak ALLAH-e-fiddaraen.

  2. Heart is a pump station for the whole body. Circulation of blood to the brain is also purified at this station. Probabally this is the reason why in Quran heart is used for brain. There is another relevant example of semen which is created between vertebral column and ribs. While every medical person knows it is crated in the testes. In embryology there is a special chapter on the desending of testes. The origin of testes is in chest but due to the high temperature these are desending with in 2 years time to the sacs in scrotum. Basically the origin of testes was in chest so Quran mentined that as ” Yakhruju min bainulsulbe watharaib”. Similar is the case of heart which is the main source for survival of brain.


    • Per your previous instructions, I sent 2 emails to Ali Bhai but still no reply from his end. For this email you did not provide any comments. Actually I believe in a fruitful communication for the better and high quality results. If such emails (this one and 3 of my previous emails on the website) are ignored then difinitely I will hesitate to continue my comments based on facts from Quran and Sunath. If you are not in the position to comment on such emails, why you are not forwarding it to Ali Bhai for his logical and knowledgefull comments?


      • Brother you are only one person sending email, but you sent 3 emails I think all of them are same, but from his end, he gets 300+ emails everyday, now please calculate, how much time it will take to reply, he has a job, family, and also he needs time to prepare saturday lecture, if only you send only one email, that would be much better for him to deal with.

  3. jazakallah khair ali bahi allah aap ko lambi umar atta farmaye ameen