48-Mas’alah: Fiker-e-HUSAIN Tahreek-e-KHALAFAT ki ROH hai (5-Imp. Points 5-Imp Ahadith)

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  1. janab ye vidios Download nahi hoti

  2. Dear Mirza Sahab.

    I saw so many your video in You Tube. You are 100% Sunni Muslim.
    But One thing I found that you are Impress with Shia hadees. Fake hadees.
    Shie People Altered the Origin hadees.
    They wrote more than 3 LAKH Fake Hadees towards Hazarat Ali.

    Malulana maudodi also Impressed with Shia Written History Books.
    Shia Inserted Fake Riyayat in the name IBNE KASEER. This is one Example.

    That is why Maulana Mauodidi critisize the Hazrat Usman & Hazrat Maviya.
    This is clear symbol of Shia Impression.
    Our All Sahaba are not masoom. But same time they are not Selfish. god is happy with them.

    From: Abdul Kareem Qadri Hyderabad INDIA

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