54-a-Mas’alah: (Part-I) HAJJ & UMRAH kay SAHEH Ahkam-o-Masa’il (Fazeelat+Tareeqah+Istalahaat)

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  1. mahmood ahmed siddiqui

    Jazak Allah Ali Bhai aap haqeeqat mey sahi deen pesh kr rahe hen
    Allah aapki umer draz kry aur aapko himmat aur mazeed elm aata frmay ameen

  2. mahmood ahmed siddiqui

    Jazak Allah

  3. May Allah help you in this noble cause of uniting of ummah and bless you brother

  4. Dr. Manzoor Ahmed Khaskheli

    Dear Muhammad Ali sb. you wrongly mentioned sindhi people are begging at Al Haram, this statement is 100% wrong, they all belong to south panjab . better you you should not mention these things in perticular. JazakAllah khair.

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