55-a-Mas’alah ILM e LADUNNI aur SOFIA kay AQA’ID ka Tahqeeqi Jaizah Quran + Bukhari + Muslim Say

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  1. Allah ajar e kaseer ata farmae is khidmat par ap ko. buhat eham aur aisi batain pata chali jin k ooper buhat research k baad bhi kafi sawal tishna reh gae thay.

  2. download pr bs preparing likha aa ra he aage bad hi nhi raha

  3. Shuja ud din Jawad Rathore

    I am so baffeled after watching your videos. I aint no expert on creed (aqeeda) and I can truely understand that this is not an ordinary subject its like doing PHD in Finance. My current status is that I am more tilting towards salafi creed (wahabi aqeeda) and come from a barelvi family from maternal side and deoband side from paternal side. The thing which gives me shiver down my spine is the status of people who followed these sufi creeds ( babas as you call them in your video lectures) will they all be going to hell for following these Buzurg Babas of Barelvis/deobands. I am also confused to see that here in UK indo-pak islam is so different from the islam of the rest of the world. Why is that so? Moreover I am coming to Pakistan and would like to meet you because to me you sound like Nouman Ali Khan, Hamza Tzortize, Mufti Menk and Shabbir Ally in urdu language. Would that be possible ? If yes then please give me your no. OR address.

    • Assalamu Alaikum,

      Brother it will be best if you contact ali bhai directly on email, and you are most welcome to meet him in jhelum, if you have time you can come and join us in weekly lecture on saturday night after esha, stay is also possible, and ali bhai can meet you in islamabad also, all you need to do is email him.
      And about your question here is the answer if you have not yet watched :
      71-b-Mas’alah: INDIA & PAKISTAN kay ULMA-o-BUZURGON ki 19-GUSTAKHANA Ebaraat ka TAHQEEQI Jaizah

      • shuja ud din jawad rathore

        As salam O Alikum.
        Ya Akhi thanks for your reply. Yes I have not watched this link you have give to me in your reply. I will watch it. Islamabad would be easier as I have lived there in the past. Had it been in lahore it would have been a lot easier. Anyways I will contact him on yahoo. Thanks for your guidance on the issue i will watch it now. Between his video in which he made clear that we can offer 2 prayers at one time made my life easy in UK so thank him as well . Ya Akhi see you guys soon.

        • walaikum assalam,
          that hadith made my life easy as well, our office problem is solved by this hadith in saheh muslim, i knew it because of ali bhai, and well if you want to see all of us, you gotta need to come in jhelum. i live in jhelum and work as well.

  4. shuja ud din jawad rathore

    Jehlum is done then!!, between I am an advocate of unity and political re-establishment of caliphate and disagree at 180 degrees with Ghamdi sahib where he approves of democracy and current sovereign boundaries. I might not be able to persude people using quran and hadith as I aint have enough knowledge on subject but instead I would like to give a brief 20 to 30 mins presentation to you guys in which I would argue using economics, finance and political study principles in tendem with my work on Globalization to establish that the current system is not a just system and it cannot be approved as Islamic because of some basic underlying principles of Islam. As Islam is against both hegemony and monoply. If you guys agreed to me after listening then you can help me with religious knowledge and provide me with evidences from quran and hadith for my research work. Please if possible forward my message to Akhi engineer Ali as I will only email him once I am in Pak, cant email him from here for apparent reasons which iam sure you must be aware of. Please make him aware of the purpose of my visit, which includes both the learning of right creed (aqeeda) and this presentation which i have mentioned. I dont want to waste his time by suddenly appearing with an agenda and not just for learning purpose.