83-b-Mas’alah: Who Created GOD (ALLAH) ??? (Modern SHETANI Waswasoon ka TAHQEEQI Jaizah)

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    My Respected Allama,

    Jazakallah ul khair. highly acceptable while appreciated with thanks as you explain in above Video and recommended me to watch in your E-mail.

    With due respect,
    Kindly advise, only believe is sufficient ? How will establish the Islam ?
    Or We only appreciate the ISLAM is good as non-Muslim also accepted the ISLAM is very good religion.

    What is the objective of PAKISTAN.

    Pakistan also follow the other countries rules and regulation as others Countries doing the same?
    What is the purpose of PAKISTAN in ISLAM?

    Thanks and best regards
    Yours brother in Islam
    Anwar Masih Uddin

  2. Salam,

    i am very happy to listen you.. mera hmesha say ye point tha k study agr itne advance hoo chooki hy to hmary molvies ke studies itne pechy kun … jab b masjid me koi tableeg ke bat krta tha to sab same bat krty thy same hadees sab bolty thy .. woo kun studies nhe krty kun real time say examples nhe dety .. mera mannan hy k sari inventions hmari book Quran say start hooi… i am very happy k koi hy joo modren education ko samny rakh k islam ko explain krta hy … hmary molve hazrat islam ko explain he nhe kr paty … i wish k me apko face to face sun sakta or ap say questions kr sakta…

    ALLAH bless you …

  3. MASHA ALLAH…Very detail lecture ….May ALLAH SWT give us Hedaya ameen summa ameen ….JAZAK ALLAH