93-Mas’alah: Surah-e-MULK ki FAZEELAT aur TARJUMAH-o-TASHREEH (26-Ramzan-1435 & 25-07-2014)

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  1. Dear,
    Most of the files can’t be downloaded for audio mobile format. The link open iofile Website and further open pop-up ads.
    the files must be downloaded via ahlesunnatpak.com

    Please advise

    • many of mp3 are from direct ahlesunnatpak.com, and i am still linking with it, go here for mp3, and for other 3gp and MP4 formats, please try to use other website, because I have to maintain load on the website too, but if you dont understand, then use server 2.
      go here and download, i am linking all others too.

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