96-Mas’alah: Azmat-e-SEHABAH r.a, Radd-e-MUNAFIQEEN aur SUNNI & SHIAH Ikhtelaf ka TAHQEEQI Jaizah

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  1. I watched Ali bhai few videos n found things which r not told by ulemas to general public I appreciate Ali bhai for doing great job for ummah.

  2. A.O.A furqan bhai mas’sala no96 Merry mobile pe download nein horaha please resolve this problem. And send me what’s app no .

    • walaikum aslam,
      ok main dal deta hun download link bhai…
      whatsapp number nahi dy sakta bhai yaha ap email per rabta kr sakty hen, ya facebook par engineer muhammad ali mirza page per, jo k site per bhi link mujud hai.

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