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New-53-c-Mas’alah : (Part No. 2) RAMZAN-ul-Mubarak kay 70-SAHEH Fiqhai Ahkam-o-Masa’il


  1. ASalam o alikum brother there is some sort of problem because research papers are not showing

    • Wsalam,
      please check again, download keren properly, phir open karen, kun k mary pas open hoty hen.

  2. I’m big fan of Islamic scholars like engineer Mirza Bahi

  3. Masha Allah, May Allah shower his mercy on you…. you have taken a gigantic step to correct the akeeda and remove the misconceptions among the present ummah.. it is incumbent upon the every faithful muslim to present the islam in right perspective…. May Allah bless you Er. MOhammad Mirza Sahab