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Al-hamduLILLAH Wassalamo Alaa RasooliLLAH (Ref. Tirmizi : 2738)
Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza does not belong to any SECT. He invites whole UMMAH towards UNITY on the basis of Qur’an, Sunnah, Ijma & Faham of Salaf. He has delivered more than 300 Video Lectures on controversial issues among MUSLIMS on the basis of definite ILM & without supporting any particular SECT.
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Name : Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza
Date of Birth : 04-Oct-1977
Academic Qualification : BSc. Mechanical Engineer (Hons.)
Field of Research : Holy Qur’aan & Saheh Ahadith
Interest & Objective : Dawat-e-ISLAM & Unity of Ummah
Occupation : General Manager (Govt. of Pakistan)
Hometown : Jhelum City (Punjab)
Country : Pakistan
Favourite Movies : National Geographic Documentries
Favourite Music : Telawat & Na’at
Website : www.ahlesunnatpak.com
Channel No.1 : Complete Lectures Channel
Channel No.2  : Short Clips Channel

179-Mas’alah : Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza PUBLIC ki ADALAT main, 20-Impt. Questions (16-July-2017)

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