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Al-hamduLILLAH Wassalamo Alaa RasooliLLAH (Ref. Tirmizi : 2738)
Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza does not belong to any SECT. He invites whole UMMAH towards UNITY on the basis of Qur’an, Sunnah, Ijma & Faham of Salaf. He has delivered more than 100 Video Lectures on controversial issues among MUSLIMS on the basis of definite ILM & without supporting any particular SECT.
e-mail for Contact : mirza_95@yahoo.com 
Name : Engr. Muhammad Ali Mirza
Date of Birth : 04-Oct-1977
Academic Qualification : BSc. Mechanical Engineer (Hons.)
Field of Research : Holy Qur’aan & Saheh Ahadith
Interest & Objective : Dawat-e-ISLAM & Unity of Ummah
Occupation : General Manager (Grade-19)
(Defence Ministry, Govt. of Pakistan)
Hometown : Jhelum City (Punjab)
Country : Pakistan
Favourite Movies : National Geographic Documentries
Favourite Music : Telawat & Na’at
Website : www.ahlesunnatpak.com
Channel No.1 : Youtube Channel (New)
Channel No.2  : Youtube Channel (Old)
Channel No.3 : Tune.pk Channel

108-Mas’alah: Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza’s Website, Channels, Facebook, Whatsapp Accounts and 8-Clarification regarding Video Lectures & Research Papers (31-Jan-2015)

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  1. AOA.. kindly yeh bta dain yeh Ali bhai k bbayan kahan hoty hain? agr koi in mein shirkat krna chahiye is liye.

    • walaikum assalam,
      facebook par har hafty address aur topic post hota hai bhai, ye jhelum punjab main hai.

  2. whatsapp group kese join kr skty hen ??? kia number hai whatsapp group ka ??

  3. Merajuddin Mohammed

    Assalamu Alaikum
    This is Meraj from India,currently living in UK.
    Appreciate the great work you guys are doing, specially the way Ali bhai is addressing all critical issues.
    May Allah reward you guys in this duniya and Akhira.
    Alhamdulillah Allah guided me to this website.One humble suggestion better you guys change website name because I think your website name shows that your work is specific to one country whereas your work is for whole Umaah so it should have global name.

    What’s the Indian whatsapp group number, would like to join

    Jazakallahu khairan
    Mohammed Merajuddin

    • walaikum assalam, thank you for you time and suggestion, contact faisal bhai in india (dehli) +919643459239.

  4. Asalam u alikum Sir,
    Ladies (Orton) k parda k bare main b koi bayan QURAN or SAHIH HADITH ki roshani main dain. ye masala b bht pecheda masla he.

  5. assalamualeikum…i have a question…Kuch log kehte hai ke ek syedzadi se koi sunni larka nikah nhi kar skta..pls give me answer and reference on nikah…pls its very important

    • walaikum assalam, bhai kuch log kahty hen k ho jata hai, ap pahly un logon se pochen k jo kahty hen k nahi ho sakta, un se pochen k kitab aur sunnat main kaha likha hai zara hawala den humy.

      • Assalamualeikum bhai..jisne mujhe ye kaha hai meri uske saath kuch problems hai..so i dont have any references…agr aap mujhe nikah ke bare main bta den between syeda and sunni boy