PHONE CALL: (Sheik Hafiz ZUBAIR Ali Zai & Engr ALI Bhai about Ibn-e-Tamia r.a and his Muqallideen)

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  1. Assalamu alaykum Ali bhai
    The imam of one masjid here in Canada posted few stickers asking do not pray
    any sunnah/namaz during khutba jumah when many people perform two sunnah
    for tahhayatul masjid. This is one act we have never experienced anywhere in a tolerated
    Canadian society.
    Please answer with references so we may be able to talk to this sheikh.
    he is from Ghiana and believes in mawlud and sufism.
    Jazak Allaah

  2. Do hatho se musafa karne ki kya koi dalil hai?