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201-Lecture Surah-e-BANI ISRAEEL Ayat No. 66 to 85

202-Lecture (131-a-Mas’alah)

203-Lecture (131-b-Mas’alah)

204-Lecture (131-c-Mas’alah)

205-Lecture (131-d-Mas’alah)

206-Lecture Surah-e-BANI ISRAEEL Ayat No. 97 to END

207-Lecture (133-Mas’alah)

208-Lecture (134-Mas’alah)

209-Lecture Surah-e-AL-KAHAF Ayat No. 27 to 49

210-Lecture Surah-e-AL-KAHAF Ayat No. 50 to 82

211-Lecture (137-Mas’alah)

212-Lecture Surah-e-MARYAM Ayat No. 1 to 39 (23-April-2016)

213-Lecture (138-Mas’alah)

214-Lecture (139-Mas’alah)

215-Lecture Surah-e-TAHA Ayat No. 1 to 44 (14-May-2016)

216-Lecture (140-Mas’alah)

217-Lecture Surah-e-TAHA Ayat No. 77 to 114 (28-May-2016)

218-Lecture (142-Mas’alah)

219-Lecture (143-Mas’alah)

220-Lecture Surah-e-AMBIA Ayat No. 11 to 33 (18-June-2016)

221-Lecture Surah-e-AMBIA Ayat No. 34 to 75 (25-June-2016)

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  1. As-salaamu-alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barkatuhu…
    Sorry brother, I am not sure if I am missing something here, but I don’t see any batch download option here. Please help me out bro or better provide me the direct link to archive.org where you have the zip file like for Ikhtilafi Masail. Jazakallah khair.

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