Sunnat Azkaar

(From Saheh-ul-Asnad Ahadith)
Urdu Hindi English
2  GREEN Card : Farad NAMAZ kay ba’ad Saheh SUNNAT WAZA’IF-o-AZKAR
(From Saheh-ul-Asnaad Ahadith)
Urdu Hindi English
3  Hisn-ul-Muslim : By Imam Saeed Al-Qahtani
(Translated by Sheikh Hafiz Zubair Ali Zai رحمہ اللہ)
Urdu Hindi English
4  Android App : AL-AZKAR (After Faradh Salah)
5  Android App : AL-AZKAR (Morning & Evening)
6  Jado-Tona, Jinnaat-o-Taweezaat, Nazr-e-Badd, aur Amraaz-o-Hadsaat ka 5-Saheh SUNNAT WAZA’IF say ELAJ
Urdu Hindi

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  1. very slow website

  2. Aslamualikum farhan bhai yes you are right i download mostly all the books from this website how come this brother said that this website very slow brother check your net and in shaa Allah you will be benefit from this website .

  3. Very nice sir but someboy likr to perform more zikr then what u advice him?

  4. Asalamo-alikum,
    Can I get morning and evening azkar in English and my sister has benefited from azkar in Urdu. My nieces can not read Urdu, it will be great help if azkar are available in English

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