The List of All Main Topics

Topic – 1
Dawat-e-QUR’AN, Telawat & Sunnat Wazaif-o-Azkar
Topic – 2
Aqa’id-o-Nazariat, Firqawariat & Maslak-Parasti
Topic – 3
Taharat, Azan & Namaz related Ahkam-o-Masa’il
Topic – 4
Zakat, Ramzan, Hajj, Qurbani, Melad & Meraj
Topic – 5
Khelafat-o-Malookiat & SUNNI-SHIAH related Issues
Topic – 6
Tasawwof, Tazkiah-o-Rohaniyat, Jihad-o-Qital & Halal-o-Haram related Issues
Topic – 7
Scientific Facts & Existence of GOD (ALLAH)
Topic – 8
Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza’s Dawat-e-HAQ

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Main Topic – 8 : Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza’s Dawat-e-HAQ

Reply to ULMA Reply to SUNNI & SHIA ULMA (From Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza) Ikhtalafi …


  1. Janab MashAllah you are vey dedicated and base your points on the evidence. I hope you don’t mind to give feedback. It’s mainly your tone and style when you criticise other scholars. You slag them and your language can be insulting. One particular problem our scholars have that they “stab”each other in their speeches. They develop arrogance about their knowledge. Your points and evidence no matter how authentic are you cannot be final and completely right. You mention how you evolve your knowledge with time in your life. Only Allah knows how you will attain even more understanding in future.
    Please try not to keep repeating about your website and reference to other talks as its not necessary. Please make your related speeches in continuam.

    • Brother you can reach ali bhai directly only on

    • Ali Asghar Bajwa

      I am agreed with Amir sb remarks & comments narrated above. while criticizing the others one’s Behavior,Tone,words,way of talking ,face expressions are too much concerned.I also appreciate Ali bhai’s research & agreed with his point of view up to an extant but still there is need of more study & research about human behaviors…..May Allah almighty bless us all & guide us towards righteous way….(Allah Humma Ameen)…Allah Taala Ali bhai k ilm o amal ko naafahe o maqbool bnaaye (Allhumma Ameen)

      • Mr. Amir and Mr. Ali Asghar Bajwa, I neither know you nor Mr. Ali but I do appreciate the fact that he makes a reference to his other research papers and speehes as this is the way how research is done, you always make a reference to your work or other’s work and without doing so you are just narrating a story. Its not practically possible to knit all speeches into one video for so many topics. So referencing is the way to go.

        Secondly I would say as far as the tone is concerned, people are different. Certain sahab were very hard in their stances and tone while others were quite soft spoken etc. but when it came between right “haq” vs wrong (batil) they were ferocious, and taking that into perspective a scholar must be given allowance for the tone because he is revealing the truth with references while majority of mullas of sub-continent are just followers of their elders and are just story tellers. Islam is by reference from Quran and Sunnah and if someone comes with references (sanad) then I won’t mind his tone because he is bringing me gold to fix my life for akhira. Those who demand soft spoken mullas usually don’t have religion playing a hard dominant role in their life rather as a secondary belief system they try to follow but which is not a top priority.

  2. As salam mu alikum Ali bhai ajkal log msg pay Quran ki ayaat roman may likh k send kartay hain example(LA ilaha illallah ho Mohammad ur rasullullah) or jis tarah menay salam likh k dia hai tou kya yai jayaz hai?

    • walaikum assalam,
      bhai is main koi problem nahi hai, balky is tarha hi jo new muslims hen wo namaz seekhty hen, yaad kerty hen.

  3. Ali Hafeez Malik

    ASSLAM O ALAIKUM pyare bhai se rehnumai chaye thi kay imam ke peechay fateha prhnay ka time hi na mile to kya kiya jaye,kya imam ki qirat ke sath hi prh lia jaye?

    • Ali Hafeez Malik


    • walaikum assalam,
      bhai agar time nahi deta to ye imam ki galti hai, hadith ka mafhoom hai k agar imam sunnat k mutabik namaz na parhay to os ka wabal os par ho ga, ap ne fateha parni hai, sath sath hi parhlo.

  4. Asslam o Alaikum,farhan bhai,kya ap mafloozat e ala hazrat(jiska hawala)(maslah no71 ya 72 mein ali bhai ne diya tha wohi wala pdf) upload krdein to meharbani

  5. Asslam o alaikum please tell me there’s how many ways to do nikkah in Islam? Mean is this is just ok to accept with your heart or it requires a proper method?? And if there’s other way then what is the place and limitations of that nikkah in Islam??