Al-hamduLILLAHI Wassalaamo Alaa RasooLILLAHI [ Reference : Jamia Al-Tirmizi Hadith No. 2738 ]

Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza does not belong to any SECT. He invites whole UMMAH towards UNITY on the basis of Qur’an, Sunnah, Ijma & Faham of Salaf. He has delivered more than 200 Video Lectures on controversial issues among MUSLIMS on the basis of definite ILM & without supporting any particular SECT.
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  1. Asalamaleykum. I was listening to a talk by Muhammad Ali Mirza and states that the sahaba did have sex with their slaves according to Bukhari shateef. my question is that wasnt this haram as they slaves were not married to them and wasnt this also unfair on the slaves to be used in this manner. Please do not misunderstand me. I will never go against the ruling of our religion but I just wanted to inquire about this.
    I will appreciate your comments.
    Jazakallah khair

    • walaikum assalam,
      we can understand that you are not against religion, but this question is valid…
      those slaves are londy, war slave females, and it is allowed to have sex with them.
      mary bhai jab ALLAH par yaqeen hana k wo exist kerta hai to ye rules bhi osi k hen jinko follow kerna hai, wasy ye 1 azmaish humary liye hai k humary zahan main is tarha k sawal atay hen, humary liye sirf azmaish bani hai, lakin aj kal asa kuch bhi nahi hai. aur jo aj kal 2 number cheez banai hoi hai uae wagera main wo zina hai.

  2. slaam bhai jan. mene aik hafta pehle 2 questions kiay thy abi jwab ni aya plz meri rehnumai karen. Aik ap hamere nabi PBUH kis traha ka libas or kis rang ka pehnte thy kia wo hmesha kale libas men rehte thy.? or ager bandy pe ghusle jnabat wajib ho jay to kia wo ghusal se pehle koi chez kha pee sakte hy or ager is halat men us ke kano men tilawat ki awaz pare to kia usay k liay gunah hy? plazzzz jwab zror den. jazakAllah

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