Al-hamduLILLAHI Wassalaamo Alaa RasooLILLAHI [ Reference : Jamia Al-Tirmizi Hadith No. 2738 ]

Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza does not belong to any SECT. He invites whole UMMAH towards UNITY on the basis of Qur’an, Sunnah, Ijma & Faham of Salaf. He has delivered more than 200 Video Lectures on controversial issues among MUSLIMS on the basis of definite ILM & without supporting any particular SECT.
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Kia SUNNI, SHIAH, Brailvi, Deobandi & Ahl-e-Hadith sabhi KAFIR hain ???

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  1. Asalaam o aleikum

    Farhan Aftab bhai

    mubashrat k dooran qibla rukh hona mana hai kia?

  2. Dr Abdul Hameed Abbasi

    Dear engineer Mohammad Ali Mirza
    Recently came to hear your lectures.Very impressive and evidance based knowledge.My request is not to taunt any sect,any preacher or any Aalim please.This is creating a negative impact about you.Be soft and descent.please point out mistakes of every one without taking about him.When you will educate people they by themselves will stop following all illitrate preachers.Directly attacking relegious leaders gives a negative impact about you in his followers.
    Please stop using words like PHAKKI and Anti venom.A relegious leader shoud try his best in talk and action.One query.Once we go for sajda,you said first our hands should touch the ground.I think it is harmfull and it should be like first your legs than your hands and the last your forehead.this is natural and I think DEEN is natural.
    Jazakam Allah Khair

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